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MVD Kerala: Hello friends, today we will tell you about MVD kerala motor vehicle department in full detail. In this article we are going to tell you about what is MVD kerala motor vehicle department and what work it does.

About the MVD Kerala Department

Motor Vehicles Department(MVD) was established by the Government of Kerala to carry out the provisions under the Motor Vehicles Act 1988. It considers the developments and changes in Road Transport Technology, Pattern of Passenger and Freight Movements, development of roads in the state, and especially the improved techniques for motor vehicle management.

MVD Kerala
MVD Kerala

The software was developed by the National Informatics Center in response to the Motor Vehicles Department of Kerala. Software’s power is that all fees, taxes, cess and applications related to driving licence, conductor license, transport & other vehicles, permits, driving school licensures, and permit can be accepted at any counter in the Regional/Sub Regional Transport Offices. 

Scheme name MVD kerala
who launched kerala Govt
beneficiaryAll state vehicle holders
ObjectiveTo do all the work related to the vehicle in digital form
official website

Citizens arriving at the office do not need to search for different counters for different services. Various Check Posts within the department are powered via SMART MOVE – CHECK POOST, another software created by NIC at the request of Motor Vehicles Department in Kerala. All services for vehicle owners/drivers are available here in less than a minute.

Digital Service

Highlights of MVD Kerala

  • ECIL Ltd. has provided the infrastructure needed on a BOOT basis.
  • Kerala State IT Mission enabled connectivity between offices via KSWAN.
  • This site allows you to take a mock Learners License test.
  • Information about any vehicle that is registered in Kerala can be gathered.
  • Online access to driving licence details and status can be obtained.
  • The Tax Calculation will calculate the vehicle tax.
  • The vehicle dealer can upload the data of a vehicle to any concerned registering authorities.

Important points of MVD Kerala

  • Any citizen can contact any counter to receive various services, such as renewal of Driving License
  • Licence to Apply for a Permit A Morning and Evening Counter is also available
  • Some offices start at 8.00 AM and end at 7.00 PM.
  • To assist the public, a Help Desk is available in all major offices.

Services of MVD Kerala

The Government of Kerala regulates the Motor Vehicles Department in terms of policy formulation as well as its implementation. The Head of the Department, the Transport Commissioner, manages the Department.The Department’s main functions are:

  • Motor Vehicles Act and Rules Enforcement
  • Vehicle registration
  • Collecting taxes and fees
  • Services such as issuance of a certificate of fitness, granting permits to vehicles and the grant of driving licenses.

This is in addition to the importance of Road Safety and Control of Automobile Pollution. The Government’s major revenue-generating departments is the Motor Vehicles Department. The Government has taken many steps to improve the efficiency and friendliness of Regional Transport Offices.

The Regional Transport Offices have been rid of agents and touts. This has helped improve the operation of the offices and eliminated corrupt practices. The common man feels empowered to approach the offices without any assistance from agents or touts for legitimate service.

  • In all offices that provide services to the public, a service counter system for any type of service has been implemented to make it efficient and effective.
  • It was established that a single application from one person can be accepted.
  • A system for issuing computer-generated acknowledgment slips for applications and records has been established.
  • On the day of passing the learner’s exam, the applicant will be informed of the date and the venue of the driving test.
  • To avoid lengthy queues and crowds at the Regional Transport Offices, the procedures for accepting motor vehicle tax and paying fees are simplified.
  • The introduction of a one-time tax system has reduced the number of vehicle owners who visit Regional Transport Offices to pay tax.
  • For motor vehicles, motor cycles, scooters and three-wheelers newly registered, there is a one-time tax of up to 15 years. Effective as of April 1, 1998.
  • Two-wheeler owners below 95cc can choose to pay vehicle tax in one lump payment for five years, 10 years, or 15 years.
  • FRIENDS Citizens Integrated Service Centre in Thiruvananthapuram has introduced the facility to pay vehicle tax for private vehicles.
  • Persons with disabilities, such as the blind or deaf, who have more than 40% of their disability, are exempt from paying motor vehicle tax on their motor vehicles.
  • In all Department offices, there is a Public Grievance Redressal Cell.

Smart Card Introduction:

Modernization will see the introduction of Smart Card and Smart Optical Card technology for the issuance and renewal of driving licenses. The embedded microchip of the Smart Card allows it to store and process information. The Smart Card’s microchip can store electronic data that can be read and written with terminals and other devices.

Control of automobile pollution:

Automobile smoke is now a grave threat to our health. The government is making it more important to reduce vehicular pollution. To check automobile pollution, all Regional Transport Offices have been given smoke testing equipments. A license was also issued for the establishment of private automobile pollution testing centres. Private sector licenses were granted to 105 of these centers. It is mandatory to carry a pollution under control certificate (PUCC) in vehicles.

Road Safety

Recent steps have been taken to improve road safety. Under the leadership of the Additional Chief Secretary to Government, a High Level Committee was established in this area in May 1997.

These measures were taken in accordance with the recommendations of the committee.

  • The driving test was made rigorous and strict.
  • For the driving test, standards have been established.
  • A team of two officers from different ranks conducts the Driving License Test.
  • The super checking of driving tests is now available.
  • There are 40 candidates who can be tested per day.
  • Driving licenses can be issued the same day, and sent by post.
  • A written objective test is required to obtain learner’s driving licenses.
  • International Driving Permit applications have been simplified in that applicants do not need to produce VISA or Air Travel Ticket, and they also don’t need to pass the proficiency test.
  • Non-resident Keralites with a valid foreign license are granted driving licences in a simplified manner. They do not have to pass the driving test.
  • Redesigned procedures have been implemented for the issue of Certificate of Fitness to Vehicles. The Certificate of Fitness test has been made more efficient.
  • Fitness Tests now include Super Checking.
  • The Certificate of Fitness will be issued the same day.
  • Vehicles older than 20 years old will be inspected by the Regional Transport Officer or Joint Regional Transport Officer.
  • The latest Intersepter vehicles are used to speed check vehicles during 2007.

MVD Department Structure

The Motor Vehicles Department operates under Section 213 of Motor Vehicles Act 1988 (Central Act 59, 1988). Motor Vehicles Act 1988 and Kerala Motor Vehicles Taxation Act 1976 are the two Acts that established the Motor Vehicles Department. They also have the authority to enforce the rules created under these Acts.

In terms of policy formulation, and implementation, the Motor Vehicles Department is managed by the Government of Kerala. The Head of Department, the Transport Commissioner, manages the Department.

Minister for Transport – Shri. Antony Raju

Secretary, Transport – Shri. K. R. Jyothylal

Transport Commissioner – Shri. M. R. Ajithkumar, IPS

There are four levels to the Department: The Motor Vehicles Department in Kerala was established in 1958. It was previously attached to the Traffic Branch, Police Department.

  • Head Office located under the Transport Commissioner
  • Four Zonal Offices Under Deputy Transport Commissioners
  • There are 18 Regional Transport Offices that fall under Regional Transport Officers. One Regional Transport Office has state-wide jurisdiction only for the Nationalized Sector.
  • 69 Sub Regional Transport Offices

There are also 19 Motor Vehicles Border Control Posts that are manned by Motor Vehicle Inspectors. One Additional Transport Commissioner and two Joint Transport Commissioners, two Senior Deputy Transport Commissioners and one Assistant Transport Commissioner are located at the Head Office. They also have one Administrative Officer, one Finance Officer (one Law Officer, one Assistant Secretary, a Statistical Officer, and one Accounts Officer. A Technical Advisor assists the Transport Commissioner in matters relating to the control of automobile pollution, computerisation, and modernization of the Department.

Mission and Vision


Kerala Motor Vehicles department functions as regulatory and taxation
Authority in the Transportation Sector, offers efficient and transparent
Services to citizens, and ensures safety roads through implementation
Enforcement and enforcement of the Motor Vehicles Act 1988 (and its associated rules).

Adopting better technological solutions and adopting a data-driven approach to business will help you be more efficient.
Research-oriented, scientific approach

  • Transparency and efficiency in citizen services by reducing Compliance burdens
  • As a think tank and advisory body in mobility.
  • Assist with the development of a seamless, integrated mobility matrix with the goal of

Improve existing transportation culture

  • Promote sustainable and environmentally-friendly transportation systems.
  • Road crashes and related injuries can be significantly reduced, as well as fatalities, by

Enhancing road user culture and expanding enforcement coverage
Automated enforcement technologies and work towards a
“VISION ZERO” (accident) target.


Road transport is an area of vital public interest. In our efforts to accomplish the above-mentioned mission, we are committed to integrity, judiciousness and courtesy. It is our responsibility to inform the public about their rights. We are determined to inform the public about procedures and the transactions that occur within the department. The Department is working to simplify and revitalize the functions and activities, and make them more accessible for all.

In all departments, a system of effective public relations was established to assist the public. After much thought, we established time limits for the various services provided from the offices. We will do our best to keep to the time limits. The new issue of the driving license has undergone a radical change. The driving licence is issued immediately after the test. A notable reform was the introduction of Computer Aided Learner’s Licensing Systems (CALLS), which allows learners to obtain a driving license and issue it on the spot. On 23.05.2002, the Hon’ble Minister of Transport inaugurated CALLS.

Connect us

Head of Office of the MVD : Trans Towers, Vazhuthacaud, Thiruvananthapuram.

  • Helpdesk 
    0471-2328799 (10:15 AM – 05:00 PM)
    (Lunch break 01:15 P.M – 2:00 P.M)

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